A family trip turns into a deadly adventure when Punkin and Boo stumble onto the operations of a ruthless gang of marijuana smugglers. When the gang discovers that Boo’s dad is there to buy land for a resort, they kidnap the girls’ families to keep them from discovering the gang’s secret pot gardens. With the help of an undercover DEA agent, the girls escape into the untamed Sinkyone Wilderness on the wild Lost Coast of northern California. They face much danger as they seek to elude the gang, find their parents, and bring the criminals to justice.

Pursued by a desperate gangster known only as “El Fuente” and some very evil fallen angels, the girls discover anew the reality of God’s protecting hand over them, and the wonder of lost souls coming to know their Savior, They also find unlooked-for help from some mysterious treasure hunters, a guardian angel, and their old friend Jack Wilson, as they solve the mystery of the Lost Coast.