Six talented authors (all men!) provide very enjoyable stories with just enough twists, turns, and romance to delight any Amish reader. Kate Lloyd, bestselling author

Willard Carpenter has published the well-received Secrets of the Son Series, Amish romance that features the novels Prodigal and Unveiling. He is currently working on a stand-alone Amish romance based on that series, Fall of Crimson Leaves. He lives in a Pennsylvania Dutch area where he has many Amish friends within and surrounding the Amish community of Honeybrook, Pa.

Patrick E. Craig has published Amish fiction with Harvest House, Harlequin and his own imprint, P&J Publishing. He is contracted with Elk Lake Publishing for a multi-book Amish cozy mystery series and a YA mystery series. His Amish titles include A Quilt for Jenna, The Road Home, Jenny’s Choice, The Amish Heiress, The Amish Princess, and The Mennonite Queen.

Jerry S. Eicher has published over thirty titles of both fiction and non-fiction related to Amish life through Harvest House publishers.

Thomas Nye has published Amish fiction with CrossLink, Celebrate Lit, and Dove Christian Publishers. His writing focuses on Amish daily life with a touch of romance and a foundation of faith, inspired by nearly 40 years of close connections with his Amish neighbors. He is the author of the Amish Horses Series (Under the Heavens, Catbird Singing, and English River). Other titles include Whispering to Horses, Amish Park, Samson and Amish Delilah.

 Murray Pura has three Amish novels releasing with Harlequin in 2020. His Amish titles with Harvest House include The Wings of Morning, The Face of Heaven and An Amish Family Christmas. With MillerWords, Ride the Sky, The Bride from Virginia City and Grace Rider. He lives near the Amish communities of Rexford, Libby and St. Ignatius in Montana.

Amos Wyse is the indie author of The Meek, the first novel in an Amish fiction series, as well as seven novellas set in the fictional town of Barnville, Pa. His works echo his small-town Midwest upbringing.