It is July of1863 and the terrible Battle of Gettysburg is raging in the little Pennsylvania town. John Wesley Culp has come back to his childhood home, but he is fighting in the Army of Northern Virginia and his friends and family look upon him as a traitor. In his pocket he carries a letter from his best friend, Jack Skelly, a wounded Union soldier who is a prisoner in Virginia. The letter is for Jack’s sweetheart, Ginnie Wade, but Culp and Ginnie both die in the battle and the letter never gets delivered. 150 years later, Randy Culpepper, the great-great grandson of Wesley’s best friend returns to Gettysburg for the anniversary of the great battle, and through a strange twist of fate he becomes a player in the unresolved story of Wesley Culp, Jack Skelly, Ginnie Wade and the long-missing letter. A Gettysburg ghost story.