Prayer is a wonderful gift that God has given to His children.  As we pray we must believe that God has placed a force in our hands that can shake the very heavens and bring His power down to earth in our hour of need.  But speaking our supplications is only half of prayer.  The other half, and the most important, is listening to what God speaks to us…


Jerusha knelt by the bed and prayed for Jenny.  She felt helpless, alone and fearful.  As the hours went by she wept and begged, challenged and whimpered, but the heavens were silent.  Finally, when she was drained and exhausted, a thought came to her.

This is what I did before Jenna died.  I cried out to you, but I didn’t listen when you were trying to reach my heart.

Jerusha stopped then, and lifted a simple prayer to God.

“Jenny is your daughter, Lord, and you have a plan and a purpose for her life.  If it is your will, let me be a vessel for You to work through to help her.”

As she finished her prayer, a picture came to her mind, clear and distinct.  It was the quilt – the quilt that she made for Jenna but that ultimately became Jenny’s salvation.  Suddenly, a great urgency came over her.  She rose from her prayer and went to her sewing room.  The old cedar chest stood against the wall.  She knelt before it and opened the lid.  Pieces of fabric and batting filled the chest and the faint, comforting smell of the cedar wood rose up to greet her.  She began to take some of the pieces out and lay them aside until she came to the parcel wrapped in plain brown paper and tied with string.  She lifted it out reverently and placed it on the floor, untied the string and opened the package.  There was the Rose of Sharon quilt, the most beautiful quilt she had ever made.  Tenderly she spread it out on the floor.  There was something about just looking at the quilt that built her faith, something of both of her daughters that comforted her and gave her hope.  The red silk rose in the center of the quilt with its hundreds of petals, glowed in the light, and the rich blue silk backing set it off like a jewel.  It was still a beautiful quilt even though it was ruined.

Then she heard a voice within her, the same comforting voice that had led her through the storm so many years ago; the voice that showed her the truth about herself as she waited in the cabin for Reuben to come.  A familiar, deep peace filled her soul.

Jenny’s life is like this quilt.  Though it is beautiful, it is not whole.  There are pieces that are missing and stains that must be washed away.  You have been chosen to be part of that cleansing.  You are a key to Jenny’s happiness and wholeness.

         Startled by the clarity of the words, she answered out loud.

“But I can’t do anything.  I’m here, alone.  Reuben and Bobby are the answer.”

Again the voice came to her.

I will say again – Jenny’s life is like this quilt.  Your hands will give you the key to your prayers, and through them her life can be made whole.  Kumme, Dochter!  There is work to be done.

Hope leaped up in her heart.  Suddenly she gathered up the quilt in her arms and stood up.  It was clear to her now.  Jerusha knew what she must do …

Prayer – From THE ROAD HOME by Patrick E. Craig