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This book has everything I love… Romance, mystery, suspense, faith and family…set in a wonderful Amish community I became a fast fan of. This author and these characters have captured my imagination and my heart!
I love how the author brought Jenny and Johnny together and can’t wait for more in the series!!!!


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A Real Page Turner!

A Real Page Turner!

The Road Home is book two in the Apple Creek Dreams Series.  This book is
about Jenny Springer, the little girl who was rescued by Jerusha in book one A
Quilt for Jenny.  After the rescue, Reuben and Jerusha adopted Jenny.  Even
though Jenny loves her adopted parents she has the burning need and desire to
find out who her birth parents are.

I loved book one.  I couldn’t believe that book two could be even better.  Author
Patrick E. Craig really knows how to keep you interested with twists, turns, and
excitement.  I picked this book up every chance that I got.

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A Good Follow-Up To Book One!

A Good Follow-Up To Book One!


A good follow-up book two for the Apple Creek Dreams Series. And one of the best books I’ve ever read that explains the different between believing there is a God and actually accepting God as your Lord.


Follow The Lives of the Springer and Hershberger Families—The Apple Creek Dreams Series and The Paradise Chronicles.


Contemporary, heartfelt… The Apple Creek Dreams Series flows right into The Paradise Chronicles…

  • A New Kind of Amish Fiction!
  • Touching stories of people who can only turn to God.
  • Strong, powerful, unforgettable characters…
  • Stories of hope, grace, and redemption…
  • Apple Creek Dreams, The Paradise Chronicles…

Enjoy excerpts from The Road Home


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The Hideout

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August 19th, 2013|1 Comment

            Jerusha thought about the dreams and nightmares that had plagued Jenny all her life.  Often in the early days, when Jerusha had awakened to the sound of her adopted daughter[...]

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